About Farrell

With vast experience working with American builders, your Farrell Real Estate’s pros are well versed in new trends in home construction from plan layout to energy efficiency, from costs to build to value of customizations. The Farrell team isn’t just focused on the finishing touches, like granite counters or the flooring tile, but the way the home was built, from the insulation to the drainage, from the rounded corner bead to the cost of living in the home. When you choose Farrell Real Estate, you get the peace of mind that comes with having an expert by your side.

While most Real Estate Brokerages and Agents practice Transaction Brokerage, Farrell Agents are encouraged to be Single Agents. This means that clients get Loyalty, Obedience, Full Confidentiality and Full Disclosure. Most people are shocked to find out that they’re getting these valuable aspects from their Realtor and for no additional fees. Typically its because their Realtor doesn’t even know about these thingsā€¦ because they haven’t been trained to be exclusive agents of their own clients versus referees that simply push paper. We love to hear from our customers, feel free to contact us here.